Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Create a Bootable USB for Ghost4Linux?

I need to clone a Linux server and need to test it. I found Norton Ghost, Clonezilla and Ghost4Linux. Need to test first the Ghost4Linux. Since the server doesn’t have a CD-drive, I need to make a bootable disk. I found a nice read on how to make a bootable USB for Ghost4Linux (G4L):

Thanks to jamesawooten -

The following process works: assume we have an empty usb stick, if not, we need about 55mb
- assume under windows the usb stick is drive F: 
( If your usb stick is another drive or device then adjust the guide below) 

1. download G4L ISO from 
2. download latest from 
3. insert your usb stick 
4. make a directory called "boot" on the usb stick (i.e. F:\boot) 
5. extract all the files from downloaded G4L ISO (use 7-zip to extract the ISO)and place them into the "boot" directory on the usb stick 
6. in the "boot" directory rename syslinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg.old 
7. in the "boot" directory copy isolinux.cfg to syslinux.cfg 
8. from the "boot" directory copy syslinux.cfg to the root of the usb stick (F:)
9. edit syslinux.cfg in the root directory, you now need to add "boot/" before each line that points to a file 
   a. DEFAULT vesamenu.c32 to DEFAULT boot/vesamenu.c32 
   b. MENU BACKGROUND test.png to MENU BACKGROUND boot/test.png 
   c. KERNEL bzImage6 to KERNEL boot/bzImage6 
   d. APPEND initrd=ramdisk.gz.... to APPEND initrd=boot/ramdisk.gz.... 
   e. do this for all KERNEL lines and all APPEND lines just add boot/ dont change what is there already, till you reach the last line 
   f. ONTIMEOUT bz26.5 and change that to ONTIMEOUT boot/bz26.5 
10. extract the you downloaded 
11. Using a cmd window, go into the win32 directory of the extracted file 
12. execute the following command: syslinux.exe -m -a -d /boot F: 
13. and that is it, you now have a bootable USB stick with G4L on it

I plan to follow this exactly as instructed to create a bootable USB Ghost4Linux. 
Up next is how to back up the Linux server using Ghost4Linux. But before that, I'll finish first creating the bootable USB.

I encountered problem with step 12: After executing the command: I got this error:

D:\References\Ghost4Linux\syslinux-4.04\win32>syslinux.exe -m -a -d /boot F:
Accessing physical drive: Access is denied.
Did not successfully update the MBR; continuing...

According to some research:
I followed this:
You need an Administrator command line window even if you are a member of the administrator group. Make sure you hit Ctrl+Shift+Enter instead of just Enter after typing cmd.

You'll notice the Administrator at the upper left corner of the cmd window. As you can see it successfully execute the command.

I just hope that the disk would work. (fingers-crossed)! Goodluck!

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